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Gymnasium 1962

1962-1963 Teacher in primary school

1963-1965 Teacher in secondary school

Educated psychologist  in 1972 at Psychological Institute University of Oslo 1972.

Licenced specialist in clinical psychology 1983.


Occupation :

1968-1971 Student Research Stipend from MedicalFacultyUniversity in Oslo, working at Neurophysiological Institute Medical Faculty University of Oslo.

1971-1973 Research fellow from Hoffman La-Roche, Basel, working at Neurophysiological Institute Medical Faculty University of Oslo.


1973-1974 Research fellow Norwegian Research Council in brain research at the Neurophysiological Institute in Oslo

1974-1976 Research fellow Norwegian Research Council about sexology at Psychological Institute Univ. in Oslo.

1973-1976 part time 1st psychologist at the head quarter for School psychology in Oslo.

1976-1980 Psychologists and district leader at The Department of School Psychology in Oslo.

1980-1983 Head of an inpatient unit at Child Psychiatric Hospital, University of Oslo.

1983- Private practice in psychology and sexology.

1989- Founder and director of Institute for Clinical Sexology and Therapy, IKST in Oslo.

1.8.2004 – 31.12.06: Half time senior researcher at Norwegian Centre on Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies. University in Oslo.


The Institute for Clinical Sexology and Therapy (IKST) has now 8 professional psychologists, 2 psychiatrists and 2 sexological counsellor. The institute is a private institution. IKST is co-operating with Psychological Institute at the University of Oslo training students in psychotherapy and supervising thesis.


The institute has an ongoing treatment project since 1997 for sex offenders paid by the Government, Dept. of Health. This project is now called TFS-prosjektet.

Host for the 11th Conference of the International Association for Treatment of Sex Offenders in Oslo 2010. 


Research areas :

Neuropsychology, brain research, childhood sexuality, sexual development, sexual offenders and sex offender therapy.



President in Nordic Association for clinical sexology

President in Norwegian Association for Sexology
Academy of Sex Research

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sexualforschung

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sozialwissenschaftliche Sexualforschung

European Federation for Sexology

World Association for Sexology, WAS.

International Association for Treatment of Sex Offenders, IATSO.

Honoured by :

USA Foundation for Scientific Study of Sexuality 1999.

Academy for Sexological Science in Poland

Crab Award from the Norwegian Association for Psychology 1987.
(For presenting psychology in media).

Gold Medal Award 2009 WAS World Association for Sexology and Sexual Health. Gøteborg.

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21.08 | 17:13

Hej Thore
Hvordan får jeg fat i dine børger om børns seksualitet?

Susanne Lybye

29.06 | 15:05

det er deilig å knulle barn ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

29.06 | 15:04

det er deilig å knulle barn ahhhhhhhhhhh

19.04 | 15:23

Säljer du din film "Barns sexualitet"? Bra vid undervisning. Mitt exemplar är borta. Önskar verkligen få tag i ett nytt. Vänligen, Maria

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